Books By Mail

How does this work?
Books-by-Mail at the Tuscaloosa Public Library is a personalized delivery service of library materials to persons confined to their homes due to:

Physical Disability
Extended Illness
Unusual Transportation Problems

How do I request Books-by-Mail?
Call 345-5820 to request an application

What happens next?
Each application is considered individually by the Extension Service Department to determine if you qualify for this service. Upon qualification, you will be sent a catalog and request forms.

How do I know what materials are available from this program?
Once each quarter a Catalog with listings of fiction and nonfiction books is mailed to each Books-by-Mail patron. You request your books through the mail and they are mailed to you along with return postage. You can also request any circulating library materials we have.

How long can I keep the materials?
Four weeks with 1 two-week renewal period. Books returned after that time will be charged an overdue fine of 10 cents per day per book.

Is there a charge for this service?
No, all postage is paid by the Library.

To find out if you qualify, call the Books-by-Mail Program at 345-5820.

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